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Shara's Vacation
The Arrival
Houston Landmarks
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Shara meets people
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See You Next Time

This is the story of Shara Perera's adventure in Houston.

Shara was so happy to be on vacation, with her scary glasses and her short trousers. Ofcourse, evil Uncle Saman wanted a baby sitter, and a maid, so he put her right to work, cooking.

Alas, she was not a good cook. As you see she burnt all the sausages and said it would be smashing as "Toad in the Hole". None of the Americans understood what she said, and ran away, including fair Aunty Sugy.

Anyway, so lets show you the rest of the pictures of Shara's adventure in Houston, USA. It was unforgettable for all of us. And we are all glad she won't come again for a loooong time.

A sunset; Actual size=240 pixels wide