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Shara's Vacation
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The Arrival
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Other Places
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Here are pictures of some of the memorable sights from Shara's trip.

A pelican on a post; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Shara at the Aquarium. She didn't like the waiters so she hit them with the food. Everyone was thrown out.

A beach house; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Shara trying to play some game. The boy in the flowered shirt was beaten senceless by Shara. He had to be rescued by Uncle Saman. Apparently Shara did not like his shirt.


Shara talking with Aunty Sandya about Giant Squids


More discussion on Giant Squids of Galveston Bay


Shara seems safe in the company of others


Joshua holding Shara back from the kiddy fountain. Shara was too old to jump in there.


Shara is upset that she could not experience the kiddy fountain


Shara and Aunt Sandya having a laugh at the photographer

Did You Know?

Shara is 4.0" tall

Shara wears glasses to look kool.

Shara doesn't like shorts.

Shara eats very little food. Which is good anyway.

Shara has a tatoo

Shara has a pierced doobrey

Shara loves tea - at least 10 cups a day.

Shara loves ducks and feeds them bread.

Shara eats ducks too.