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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider


As detailed by the Alfa Romeo archives, my recently purchased Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider was built on June 18th, 1960. It was acquired by Hoffman Motor Car Co, New York on June 28th, 1960.  It is believed that the car was originally owned by the dealership as either a demo car or a salesmans personal car. The exterior color was Gray (AR 716).






Chassis (VIN#) 1495.10319
Engine Block Unknown AR0010602374
Engine Head Unknown 101000150001
Pininfarina Body Number 421







June 28th, 1960 Hoffman Motor Co, New York Original purchaser.
August 9th, 1977 Probably owned by Mr. Shearon's father. It was purchased from a car lot in Tampa, Florida.
September 4th, 1980 Russell H Shearon, FL Apparently, the car was a wedding present to Mr. Shearon from his father. The engine was re-built during this time.
December 29th, 1983 Lowell Williams, FL The car was purchased on this date but was only registered on May 28th, 1985. Mr Williams purchased the car and restored it and painted the car red. He was an Alfa enthusiast and owned as many as 9 Alfas at one time.
July 30th, 1996 Jim Ayres, TX Mr. Ayres only owned the car for a year before selling it to me in June of 1997.


It ran when I bought it but now sits at the back of my garage. Needs lots of work including body work, interior and drivetrain.